Issue Number ten…Take two!

Hey rural punks! The rumor mill has been talking about it for a while, but we are now officially announcing the return of The Country Grind. We are coming back, but we want to make it clear, things will not be quite the same. This is going to be the only issue we will put out in 2017. Putting out… Read more →

What the Hell is going on with The Grind!?

The past couple months The Grind has been radio silent. I am sad to announce that The Grind is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. It is because of a combination of us being too busy and a consistent lack of contributors. Our personal lives have been way too demanding to have spare time to work on the paper.… Read more →

New T-shirt’s and Backpatches

We have another batch of t-shirts printed up, but that’s not all. We also have a new design, based off of Izzy Burgwin’s cover art for issue #8. We are also stoked to say that We are now selling backpatches of all of our t-shirt designs. Check em out at     Read more →

Country Grind Playing Cards

Country Grind Playing Cards are almost here!!! Right now you can PRE-ORDER a deck for only 8 bucks!!! (That’s 20% off for early birds) These rural punk as fuck cards were drawn by Yann (cover artist for issue #3) as a fundraiser for The Grind. He even bankrolled the whole thing, we are so grateful. The decks should show up… Read more →

Sorry for being terrible at the internet.

I know that we don’t update this website very often. I actually forget it exists sometimes, But then I just now realized that despite the fact that we haven’t updated it in months it still gets between 20 and 70 views a day, which is kind of a lot. And if that many folks are trying to check us out… Read more →

CG #8 Is Here!

Nothing can stop us, we are indestructible! Get ready to receive the 8th Issue of The Country Grind Quarterly. (I can’t believe we’ve put out 8 issues already!!) I can honestly say we have one mighty fine issue of The Grind here, with everything you’ve come to expect from your favorite rural punk quarterly. With insanely awesome cover art by… Read more →

New Store Up and Running!

Holy shit!!! The Country Grind has a new webstore!!! We have T-SHIRTS back up for sale and we finally got our shit together and are now selling BACK ISSUES!! Buy some crap and support The Country Grind, no one makes any money on this project, all cash just goes to keeping the magazine going. A quick note on prices, The… Read more →

Re: Rural Punx Gathering

So we have clearly been having a rough go the last little bit at the grind. Thing are working out and we are trying to find our footing again but it takes a lot of work and dedication from everyone involved. At this time all of our focus has to be on continuing the publication and that is why we… Read more →

Spring Issue Cancelled; Summer Issue in the Works

Dear The Punx, As you know the Country Grind is 100% volunteer run and sometimes life gets hectic, capitalism sucks you dry and we must shift our priorities to meet our personal needs. Despite our commitment to the Grind sometimes it has to be put on the back burner. Unfortunately due to this, the spring 2015 issue of the grind… Read more →